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Advises companies of various scales on investments, gaming regulations, online marketing and business strategies. 


Each collaboration as well as the scope of each project is tailored based on customers' needs and set according to agreed upon milestones.


Assists in multiple equity investments, as well as different types of fund raising, and obtaining alternative and creative financial solutions.

In addition, we identify and advise on mergers and strategic partnerships.



Leads and obtains various gambling licenses in different jurisdictions. Consults on gaming related regulations and compliance issues in all major markets in Europe, such as UK, Spain, Italy and France, as well as the US.

Business Strategies & Online Marketing

Based on customer's product and industry, with focus on gaming and e-commerce, Sparks' Advisory analyzes and recommends managements on full range of corporate decisions. Recommendations vary from optimal set up and corporate structure for start-ups to the development of an achievable business plans based on milestones. In addition, we assist in identifying the best markets for the business and partnership opportunities. Sparks' Advisory plans and consults clients on online marketing strategies and outlines high level marketing plans and campaigns.

Gaming Regulations
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