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Dina Niron, Founder and CEO of Sparks' Advisory has extensive experience in the gaming industry. In the last few years she served as CEO of Juego Online, a Playtech subsidiary, managing Playtech's B2C operations in Spain.


Dina Niron consulted and advised several early stage companies on the requirements for obtaining a remote gaming license both in Europe and the US.


Prior to that, Dina lead the acquisition of PokerStrategy by Playtech, one of the largest acquisitions in recent years. 


Dina spent over 9 years in New york, working in Wall-Street, running the business development of a finance company and later on co-managing a hedge fund, assisting, advising and raising funds for numerous companies world-wide.

Dina Niron is an attorney in Israel and NY and holds a LL.M from Cardozo Yeshiva University, NY, with a focus on Intellectual Property Law.














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