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Delivering over five years of experience working with some of the largest operators in the industry. 


Deep market knowledge and understanding enables us to identify global trends, business opportunities and industry requirements, early in the game. Thus providing our clients the benefits of lower operational costs and the creation of higher barrier of entry to competitors. .

Sparks Advisory's consultation regarding regulation and online marketing  enabled a start-up in the gaming related arena to be clasified as a skill-game entity. Such classification allowed company to operate globally with very little restrictions, reduced operational and compliance costs  substantially and benefited the company with faster time-to-market, thus providing quicker and higher ROI.

Our Expertise
Our Strengh
Success Stories
We consult early stage and mature companies on investments, regulations, online marketing, and business strategies.
CEO of a leading online betting and gaming company:
"Dina Niron successfully identified the trend of the gaming industry. With her impressive expertise and strategy we were able to obtain licenses to operate in Europe very early on and achieve significant growth."
"Ms. Niron's unique combination of networking talent, legal experience and financial markets expertise make her a natural leader in our business," said Eyal Levy, founder and CEO of Platinum Funding Group. "Her excellent track record in expanding Platinum's diverse business network makes her a great asset to the company."
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